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Case Study

Non-profit organization committed to the promotion and defense of human rights of Venezuelans migrants around the world.


Reach the largest number of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia in order to give them guidelines on how they can assert their human rights. Make visible and sensitize key audiences about the issues and challenges of the migrant population.


Social Media Plan

We developed a concept, content pillars and a beautiful and cohesive graphic line.

Digital Paid Media

We implemented paid media strategy in Social Networks to obtain a more robust presence in the digital ecosystem.

Digital Content

We created content that is relevant, timely and rich in value for the community.

Social media management

Together with the Proiuris legal team, we guide the different users who were massively contacted through social networks in an agile and effective way.


In three months we increased +6,600 followers, doubling its previous figure by 4 times

We increased its reach from 10,300 to +1,110,000 people in a month


Engagements doubled from an average of 620 to +1,300 in just one month